We are so excited to welcome you to the farm! Here is what some of our new friends enjoyed while visiting the farm:  

"Although there was pouring rain, we had the best coffee tour experience. Here are some aromatic notes: we got to try the fresh coffee before the tour, and we were encouraged to take a cup for the tour as well. We learned heaps from Ray, our tour guide, from the field to the drying space for the beans. Heavenly Hawaiian WAS indeed a heavenly feeling place with the cloud coverage, and we just had our first cups of coffee that need NOTHING ADDED, because it's so flavourful and fresh.

Heavenly Hawaiian for the win on our honeymoon adventure!"

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"We went for the 9 AM tour this morning and had such a wonderful tour from Melissa. We enjoyed seeing the coffee trees and we learned how they are perfect and sorted and dried and heated... We even got to taste several different kinds of coffee. All were delicious! Everyone there couldn't have been more nice. I highly recommend stopping for a tour at heavenly Hawaiian farms."

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"If you want to do a coffee farm tour while in Kona, then you need to visit Heavenly Hawaiian Farms. They give tours every hour for free and offer free samples for their coffee. How can it be free? It's because their hospitality and coffee speak for themselves. Everybody there is so incredibly nice. I can't emphasize how awesome everyone is there. All good vibes. They're passionate and very knowledgeable about their coffee. The tour is an hour long. It was fun and educational. Plus, the view is amazing. I highly recommend going to the coffee bar and trying their peaberry coffee." 


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