Founders & Owners 

Dave & Trudy Bateman 

Heavenly Hawaiian Management Team


Bill Myers, General Manager

Bill is a refugee from the political world of Washington, DC, where he spent an entire career helping to create the mess we have today.  He arrived in Kona 15 years ago, traded political intrigue for Hawaiian aloha, and is now slowly redeeming those pieces of his soul he had previously sold off by helping to create Kona’s best coffees and build what is now Hawaii's highest-rated coffee farm.  In his spare time, Bill restores historic churches.  


Ray Taggart, Farm Manager

Originally from Minneapolis, he escaped the arctic winters and hot humid summers of Minnesota, to the Big Island to follow his calling of becoming a farmer. No, he is not crazy, he just loves nature and plants just as much as he loves people. Supported in his dream by his wife Wendy and daughter Harmony, they made the leap for a new start. After working with a few other farmers in the Kona District, using his knowledge of hydroponics and precision agriculture to help improve quality and output, and his sales and marketing experience to help sell the products to new markets, he was asked to join the Heavenly Hawaiian family.

With an eye ever on the highest quality, by using the newest research and technology, utilizing the best cultural practices and techniques to improve production. He hopes to constantly improve Heavenly Hawaiian's farm and coffee.


Alexandria Hollis, Quality Assurance and Coffee Club Manager

Hailing from central Virginia, Alex has always dreamed of working in coffee. After joining our work trade program for 5 months, her dream came true when the farm offered her a full time position, and she has been working here since. She looks forward to learning more about coffee and becoming a professional coffee roaster and taster (Arabica Q Grader).


Alison LancelottiWork-Exchange Manager and Graphic Designer

Alison Lancelotti is a transplant fruit farmer from Des Moines, IA. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (Graphic Design, Studio Arts & minored in Environmental Studies). Iowa usually produces hard-working, salt-of-the-Earth folks and she likes to think she’s made her Prairie People proud.


Adrian Dolghii, Business Development Manager

Jack-of-all-trades, with a passion for learning, developing, and creative endeavours in the business world.


Art Schumann, Fire Roast Master

Art, true Kama'aina, Big Island-born.  Veteran by choice (thank you, Art). Life-long coffee farmer and avocado-purveyor to the stars.  Island Guide Extraordinaire, from Mountain to Farm.  Our Chief Storyteller! 




Sami the Cat, Our Grande Dame

Exiting her self-imposed isolation from adoring fans, Sami can occasionally be seen accepting obeisance from her staff.



Umi the Cat, Chief of Gecko Control/Coffee Influencer


Havanna the Dog, Chief Enforcer/Coffee Influencer