Founders & Owners: 

Dave & Trudy Bateman

In 2005, Dave and Trudy were called to Kona by one of Dave’s legal clients.  Dave had practiced law for 35 years as a USAF JAG, Washington State Asst. Attorney General, and most recently at his own firm.  The client was seeking Dave’s legal and business advice with a new acquisition — a large Kona coffee farm.

Discussions stretched through the day and it began to look like the coffee farm might be a good investment.  And then, the farm’s owners served Dave and Trudy some of the coffee they had grown.  Dave was instantly captivated:  “If I could grow coffee like this, I could sell it around the world.”

Dave’s client was ready for this: “You can.”  Suddenly Dave Bateman, International Lawyer, had taken his first step toward becoming Dave Bateman, Coffee Farmer.  The transition took two years of intensive, hands-on learning about everything coffee.  It also required one year of cajoling to convince Trudy, the senior RN at an Olympia Emergency Room to leave her home, family, and vocation three thousand miles behind to join him to grow coffee on a large rock in the middle of the Pacific.

Today, Heavenly Hawaiian Farms is one of the most highly awarded farms in Kona.  Dave has widened his involvement with Kona coffee to include service on the Boards of the Hawaii Coffee Association and the Kona Coffee Council.  Trudy now oversees the Heavenly Hawaiian Farms herself while Dave directs much of his time and attention to a new coffee venture — building Kona’s largest coffee farm, the 1,900 acre Kona Hills farm and, in the process, reimagining and redefining Kona coffee.


Heavenly Hawaiian Management Team:

Bill Myers, General Manager 

Bill is a refugee from the political world of Washington, DC, where he spent an entire career helping to create the mess we have today.  He arrived in Kona 14 years ago, traded political intrigue for Hawaiian aloha, and is now slowly redeeming those pieces of his soul he had previously sold off by helping to create Kona’s best coffees. In his spare time, Bill restores historic churches.

Chase Shugarman, Business Manager

A missed flight and a fortunate series of events brought this Cal business student from hustle & bustle California to the wonderful world of coffee farming on the Big Island. New to Kona, Chase is quickly learning everything there is to know about coffee while using his business knowledge to allow people from all over the world to try Heavenly Hawaiian's delicious coffee & candy. 

Ray Taggart, Farm Manager

Art Schumann, Chief Storyteller

Art, true Kama'aina, Big Island-born.  Veteran by choice (thank you, Art). Life-long coffee farmer and avocado-purveyor to the stars.  Island Guide Extraordinaire, from Mountain to Farm.  Our Chief Storyteller! 

Mitch Layman, Chief Herder of Cats and other Contankerous Creatures

Hugh Ransel, Chief Farm Advisor

Sages warn that success has a thousand fathers.  And our work at Heavenly Hawaiian has certainly met with more than our share of success this year, including top ten honors in both major Hawaii coffee cupping competitions — one of only four farms to achieve this distinction.

When we look for the “fathers” of this success, one of the most important, but least noticed, is our Chief Farm Adviser, Hugh Ransel.  Hugh has guided much of the Farm’s agricultural management program for the past two years and it is due in large part to this guidance, and to the work of his maintenance crew, that Heavenly Hawaiian continues to produce Kona’s superlative coffees.

Thank you, Hugh.