Health Benefits of Coffee

According to a recent report from the Harvard School of Public Health, it is now documented that coffee topped the list of most foods in antioxidants. Harvard scientists determined that coffee will help delay of prevent the onset of depression, Alzheimers, dementia, certain cancers, Parkinson’s and Diabetes II.  recent studies also indicate regular consumption of coffee can help prolong life. Coffee is by far the largest source of antioxidants in our diet according to Joe Vinson, Chemistry Professor, University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. It surpasses blueberries, broccoli and most other products. Only chocolate, dried fruits and dried beans rank higher. The report goes on to state that caffeine reduces muscle fatigue and boosts speed and endurance. Finally, coffee does not dehydrate but instead quenches thirst as well as any other liquid.

Similarly, a 1/16/06 article in Time Magazine, Pages 94-95, it is reported by Harris Lieberman, Military Nutrition Division, U.S. Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine in Natick, Mass. that caffeine can heighten one’s mental performance, and makes people feel more energetic and generally better overall. This article also reports that caffeine triggers the release of dopamine, mostly in the frontal areas of the brain and anterior cingular cortex where executive functions like attention, task management and concentration are located.

The bottom line is that coffee is good for you! Of course, we aficionados already knew that! Another good reason to drink our 100% Kona Coffee and to enjoy!