Coffee Varieties and Roasts


Kona Silk 100% Kona Coffee comes from our first orchard planted with Kona Typica (Guatemalan strain) coffee tree seedlings. Our Kona Silk is a smooth-flavored, mellow coffee with modest acidity and never any bitter after taste, no matter how strong you brew it. Named for its mild flavor and soft body, the flavor notes include: apple, nutty, vanilla, and chocolate. 


Kona Bold 100% Kona Coffee comes from our original unique trees with Kona Arabica tops grafted onto African Liberican Kona nematode-resistant root stock. These trees are a Guatemalan strain genetically crossed with a Costa Rican strain that were developed in conjunction with the work of the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to combat the Kona-specific nematode. Our Kona Bold coffee boasts a rounded and full bodied cup with flavor notes of: brown sugar, citrus, and malt. 


BIG BEAN RESERVE 100% KONA COFFEE comes from a single acre of Brazilian coffee trees planted at the top of the farm.  These trees produce the poetically-named Maragogype coffee bean — an extra large arabica bean of very high quality considered one of the best beans in the world.  We have dubbed this robust, full-flavored, very smooth coffee our Big Bean Reserve. This medium-bodied coffee bursts with flavor notes of: cherry, honey, cinnamon, and molasses.



Fire Roasted 100% Kona Coffee is our Kona Silk varietal that has been roasted in the tradition style over an open flame. This converted 1947 Atlas roaster from Mexico with a cast iron drum interior has been seasoned for over 70 years, and with a perforated core, allows for the flame to "lick" the beans, giving them a grilled flavor. Finally, the roast is finished by turning off the gas, and allowing the beans to rest in the smoke for a quick moment, before exiting the machine and cooling.