Coffee Sample Pack

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Product Overview

A sample of 4 different coffees to make it easier to find the perfect taste for you! Included are 2oz samples of some of our best 100% Kona Specialty Coffees and a sample of the coffee cherry skin tea.

Kona Silk is our classic Kona taste with a smooth gentle taste and flavor notes of milk chocolate, floral jasmine, sweet spice, and citrus.

Kona Bold has a slightly bolder and more robust cup with flavor notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, citrus, and malt.

For Kona Fire Roast, we take the Silk bean and roast it in a 1900's traditional coffee roaster, allowing for the flame to kiss the beans and introduce flavor notes of smokey, nutty, vanilla bean and toasted marshmallow. 

Our Kona Sweet is a natural process coffee where we leave the fruit on the outside of the coffee bean, allowing for the sweetness and fruitiness of the cherry to be absorbed into the coffee bean and creating flavor notes like hibiscus, dark berries, cherry, and plum.

Finally, the Cascara Tea is the fruit that has been removed from the coffee beans and dried to create a delicious cherry like and earthy tea filled with antioxidants. We recommend this brew with a bit of your favorite sweetener and a squeeze of lemon. 



*Heavenly Hawaiian does not add flavors to any coffees. Flavor notes listed above are natural tastes found within the coffee due to varietal, processing method, or roasting method.*