Coffee Farm Tour

Kona's Highest Rated Coffee Tour

Want to see what a 40 acre coffee farm in the Kona Coffee District of Hawai'i looks like? Swing by Heavenly Hawaiian for a free farm tour and coffee tasting of Heavenly Hawaiian's own. We give tours by appointment only Monday-Friday at 10am or 2pm. On our tour you will see a beautiful overview of the farm, get up close and personal with the coffee trees, and experience the milling and drying process hands on. Afterwards, try some of the best coffee that Kona has to offer! Tours are free but we do ask that you tip our guides.


If you have a large group or would like to plan an event, please visit our events page!

Interested in going more in depth on brewing your coffee? We offer a one-hour Brewing Workshop once a week taught by top Big Island coffee specialists. You will learn how to prepare coffee to make it taste its best! More info here

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