Coffee Club

Welcome to the Heavenly Hawaiian Coffee Club! Why become a member you ask? There are POUNDS of reasons, but here are a few to give you the gist of this wonderful program:

  • You receive free shipping within the United States and we take $7 off shipping if it is international
  • Completely free to join; no subscription fee, no entry fee, nothing
  • We don't tax our coffee club members so what ever the price of your coffee is, is what your payment that month is
  • Coffee Club is completely customizable! You can do a Silk or a Bold coffee, whatever quality grade you'd like, and whatever roast you prefer
  • Heavenly Hawaiian exclusively reserves our Peaberry coffee for Coffee Club Members only
  • We are now offering price lock to our Coffee Club Members
  • Great way to get 100% Kona Coffee from a producer
  • Fantastic way to get ethically grown coffee because you can visit the farm, talk to whomever you'd like to on the farm, and ask as many questions as you'd like

Do any or all of these reasons peek your interest? Sign up for a monthly or weekly plan and have award winning coffee shipped directly to your home every month. If you want to get creative and make a plan that isn't offered here, give us a call! 808-322-7720

If you already have an existing Heavenly Hawaiian account outside of the club, the Coffee Club will still require you to create a new login

Existing club members sign in here:

No fees, no obligation, cancel anytime - the easiest and safest way to have delicious coffee at your door every month for $1.50/day per cup!